2022 Yorktown Heights Engine Co. No. 1 Santa Day Candy Cane Run
December 11, 2022

We’d like to thank everyone for the huge show of support during our annual Yorktown Heights Engine Co. No. 1 Santa Day Candy Cane Run!

Yorktown Heights Volunteer Firefighters were able to drive Santa around the Yorktown Heights Fire District in style in our apparatus. We made right around 150 scheduled stops along our 3 routes in just a few hours to ensure everyone got a candy cane, a picture and walked away with a smile!

A little history and background about our Santa Day Candy Cane Run for those that may not know.

The Yorktown Heights Engine Co. No. 1 was organized in 1909 and has been a 100% Volunteer Fire Company ever since.

Santa Day actually originated as a party with Santa at the firehouse on Commerce St back in the 1950’s. It was moved to the auditorium of the “6th grade school” at the now theater (aka Yorktown stage) when the towns population started growing. In the early 1960’s the party became too large for the auditorium, so the Engine Co. started doing a candy cane run around town, the same tradition that continues today, except on a much larger scale!

Back in the 1960’s the towns entire population was a little over 16,000 people! Today, the Town of Yorktown is 42 square miles and has nearly 40,000 residents. The Yorktown Heights Engine Co. No. 1 protects over 30,000 people within the 36.2 square mile area of the Yorktown Heights Fire District.

Do you have pictures with Santa and your Yorktown Heights Volunteer Firefighters?! Share them below!

Units: 2531, 2533, Engine 272, Engine 274, Rescue 16, Mini-Attack 8, Utility 83, Utility 143
Mutual Aid: Santa and his elves from the North Pole