YHFD Takes In 2nd Working Fire In a Week, This Time First Due.
December 28, 2022

At 12:32hrs on Wednesday, December 28th. Yorktown Heights Fire along with a Tower Ladder from the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department (Putnam County) and a F.A.S.Team from the Bedford Hills Fire Department were dispatched to the Beaver Ridge Apartment Complex on Allen Ave for a report of smoke in the building.

Cars 2531, 2532, 2533. Engines 270, 272, 274 and Ladder 51 with two dozen Yorktown Heights Volunteer Firefighters Responded on the run.

YHFD Chief officers were the first to arrive and performed a 360 of the structure and noted a fire alarm activation and smoke in the rear hallways of the 3 story apartment complex. As YHFD apparatus arrived and redeployed to the rear of the complex, YHFD members entered the structure and were met by numerous civilians and a heavy smoke condition in the “Charlie wing.” The 10-75 (working fire) was transmitted which brought in an Engine from the Mt. Kisco Fire Department the scene along with WCDES Battalion 17, the Yorktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps Inc. and the Yorktown Police Department.

YHFD Volunteers quickly located the fire apartment on the 1st floor and secured both the apartment door as well as the fire door leading to the common lobby and main interior stairwell to protect evacuating residents. A 2inch attack line was stretched through an exterior rear fire door into the hallway. The fire was quickly knocked down and and held to the apt of origin. Primary and secondary searches were performed throughout the building with YHFD and mutual aid companies forcing entry into numerous apartments while conducting searches in the smoke filled hallways on all 3 floors of the “Charlie wing.” Numerous bed-bound and elderly occupants were sheltered in place or safely assisted outside.

Due to the high life hazard associated with this complex that it is home to numerous elderly and bed-bound occupants. Multiple EMS units were requested to the scene from YVAC, Mohegan VAC, Peekskill EMS, Somers FD EMS, Westchester EMS and WCDES EMS 12.

One occupant was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The Red Cross is assisting other building occupants as necessary.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by WCDES Cause & Origin Zone 4.

In station coverage was provided by the Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters Local 2956/ Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association and Millwood Fire during this incident.

Units: Cars: 2531, 2532, 2533. Engines:272, 274. Ladder 51. YVAC, 34-Medics. YPD
Mutual Aid: Bedford Hills FD: F.A.S.Team Mahopac FD (Putnam County): Tower Ladder Mt. Kisco FD: Engine WCDES: Battalion 17, EMS 12, Cause & Origin Zone 4 Lake Mohegan FD: Ladder (relocate) Millwood FD: Engine (Relocate) Mohegan VAC Peekskill EMS Somers FD EMS Westchester EMS