Importance of a Closed Door- Helmet Cam from the Interior Search Team at Beaver Ridge Apartments
December 28, 2022

The inital YHFD search companies seen here were met with a closed apartment door to the fire apartment. This closed door limited the amount of fresh air entering the apartment, and kept the common hallway moderately clean for crews to make entry. The occupant who fled the fire closed the door behind him, buying valuble time for crews to make entry. The fire door at the opposite end of the hallway was also secured to protect evacuating residents in the lobby and central stairwell.

Had this door been left open:

A) Unconrolled fire spread. The fire would have had more air to breathe, allowing the fire to extend from the apartment of origin and out into the common hallway, making the inital search and extinguishment much more difficult as well as endangering many more lives.

B ) Uncontrolled smoke spread. The majority of the deadly smoke seen here was held back by the apartment door. When the hose line reached the door, and entry was made into the fire apartment (leaving the door open), we can no longer control the smoke entering the common hallway. Visibility in the hallway drops to near zero conditions form floor to ceiling, and anyone in the hallway immediately becomes surrounded in the deadly smoke.

This closed door theory applies to both apartment buildings, as well as private homes and residences. "Close [your doors] before you doze" buys you and your family prescious seconds and minutes to keep smoke and fire out of the bedrooms.

Add in a hardwired alarm system that automatically dispatches the fire department, and you will save minutes in reactionary 911 time in getting the fire department dispatched.

Closed doors save lives! Closed doors save Lives! Closed doors save lives!

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